Quick Summer Landscaping Tips



Summer is here in New England and this week is brining 90 degree plus weather, of course just in time for the fourth of July! Here are a few quick summer landscaping tips for you to tend to in your yard to help produce better curb appeal.

Trees and Bushes

Check your trees for dead hanging limbs that you might need to cut away. In the spring and summer thunderstorms are frequent and tree limbs can do a great deal of damage if they are overgrown and not tended to. Also, prune any plants that might interfere with your AC condenser and trim bushes that might be too close to the house. If you don’t trim the bushes they can trap moisture and they invite termites

Bugs and Vines

Vines come from the ground and grow on the house. insects and other nasty crawling things come from the ground, too. Vines that lead to the house are basically a boarding pass and welcome unwanted visitors into your house. Vines also trap moisture against the house and they can eat away the mortar in between your bricks, jeopardizing the stability of your exterior walls.

So, while vines might be pretty they are not good for your house and you should trim them back regularly. If you really want to keep the vines hanging around, here’s a tip — install a garden trellis next to your house. They come in a variety of sizes and they keep vines away from your foundation.

Get In Touch

I hope these quick summer landscaping tips are helpful to you. Need help with your summer landscaping? Ramos Landscaping is here to help. If you’re not already a Ramos Landscaping client, we’d love to add you to our growing list of happy customers. Contact us at 508-808-5087. We’d love to hear from you.