New Residential Irrigation System Installation

Ramos Landscaping is a full-service irrigation company. An underground lawn sprinkler from Ramos Landscaping ensures that your lawn will look great at all times.

From the initial consultation with an irrigation professional, to the final demonstration of your new irrigation system, the attention to detail around your property is our top priority. Our experienced staff will see your job through from start to finish. We strive to install the best systems possible.

We take pride with every installation. All irrigation systems are installed with attention to every detail. We take pride in every job we do!

Irrigation Maintenance

Having an automatic irrigation system makes watering your lawn and landscape an easy task. In order to keep your sprinkler system working as efficiently as possible, it needs periodic maintenance. It also requires proper start up in the spring and shut down in the fall. Our trained professionals at Ramos Landscaping can provide these services to you through our Irrigation Maintenance Program.

A Ramos Landscaping Irrigation Maintenance program will do away with unsightly brown spots and wasteful overwatering. Our program consists of three specialized visits to ensure that your system is running correctly.

Visit #1 – Spring Start-Up Service

Ramos Landscaping professionals will turn your system on in the spring.

  • Ensure main water supply is on
  • Prime the mainline
  • Verify operation at each zone
  • Adjust for head-to-head coverage
  • Check for leaks
  • Clear growth from around each head
  • Test controller operation
  • Calibrate run time for spring conditions
  • Identify needed repairs

Visit #2 – Mid-Season System Performance Evaluation

As the season changes from the mild spring to the hot and dry summer, your irrigation system requires some fine tuning to maintain peak operating performance. Ramos Landscaping mid-season maintenance visit includes resetting the controller, checking for system leaks, cleaning out overgrowth around heads, ensuring rotors are turning properly, leveling heads and diagnosing system repairs.

Visit #3 – Fall Winterization Service

A principal factor in determining the lifespan of your irrigation equipment is the winterization service performed by your Ramos Landscaping professional. Having your irrigation system winterized by your Ramos Landscaping professional is your best protection against freeze damage.

Areas of Service

Ramos Landscaping is a family owned and operated business. We are proud and honored to serve many residential and commercial clients landscaping needs in the Metro West Area just 25 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts. We also service the following towns: Hudson, Stow, Marlborough Maynard, Lincoln, Weston, Wayland, Sudbury, Concord and many more towns in the Middlesex county.

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